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Diagnostic Tools

3 cotton-tips. Fast and easy test of fuel in Jerry can or fuel tank of machine. Test result visible in a few minutes time. Suitable for 2 and 4 stroke fuel. User instructions included...
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AccuMate PRO Battery Charger 12V-4A (TS-200)Charger for 12V, AGM, GEL and conventional batteries-Loading charge: 4,0 A - Fully automatic, with electronic safety functions and long term maintenance.. Recommended for batteries to 300ah..
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OEM: Acid Tester SKU: 9207012EN
Acidimeter (Tests battery cells and density)..
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OEM: Optimate TS-120 SKU: XTETS120NEN
OPTIMATE Battery Tester - Battery and alternator/charging system tester, 3-stage test - Checks battery charge level - Records lowest cranking voltage - Checks charging voltage.Batteries: LFT/AGM/GEL/STD..
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OEM: Optimate TS-130 SKU: XTETS130EN
Battery tester OPTIMATE - Battery tester and charging system/alternator, test in 3 fases - Checks the charge level of the battery - Registers lowest starter tension - Checks charge tensionAGM/STD Batteries..
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OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 9206906EN
Checking the spark plug. Quick and easy ignition check..
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OEM: Rotary 32-7731 SKU: 9206918EN / ESES2372
This tester checks the integrity of the Electrical Ignition & Magneto/Coil Ignition Systems of Lawnmowers, Boat Motors, Motorcycles & Automobiles. The tester checks both current & voltage & will indicate fouled electrodes...
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OEM: TRISCO G-320HD / 5310316-86 SKU: 5310316-86 / HV531 03 16-86GS
Husqvarna Cylinder Compression Testers Will fit chainsaws, consaw & other 2 stroke cylinders 14mm & 18mm adaptor 0-300psi scale OEM 5310316-86 Brand TRISCO, supplied by Husqvarna..
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OEM: BS019368, 84003327 SKU: BS84003327AS / 84003327CL / BS-19368CL
Briggs & Stratton Ignition Spark Tester Suitable for all machinery including chainsaws, consaw, lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers, cars, vans, motorcycles. Connects between ignition lead and spark plug to give a clear indication of ignition system function. A flash of the bulb indicates ignition / ..
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OEM: BS019607 SKU: BS019607CY
The Scope offers the ability to see into small areas and carburetor jettings etc. OEM BS019607..
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OEM: Mity Vac Kit SKU: 030623
Mity Vac Pressure & Vacuum Tester Pump & Accessories Checks Carbs, pipes & seals etc 2 in 1 tool for pressure & vacuum testing. **Case and all fittings supplied free of charge**  ..
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OEM: 15-116 SKU: 096020ER / 9206905EN
Ignition tester. Easy, fast and efficient..
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