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OEM: Gardena SKU: ESES18000-20
Classic 15m Hose PVC Garden Hose with quality reinforcement. Keeps its shape. Pressure resistant. 13mm (½”)..
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OEM: CoverPro 5M20 SKU: 9808312EN
PHYTO type 4 - 5 - 6 disposable coverall. Phytosanitary protection against aerosols, particles. Waterproof polymer coating that protects against liquids, sprays and particles. Standards EN 340: 2003, EN 13982-1: 2004, EN 13034/2005...
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OEM: Gardena 8009-20 SKU: Gardena-50-8009-20
Gardena 50 8009-20 Wall Hose Drum Set Gardena Quality for your garden Wall mount hose reel - store the hose on the reel and when needed the hose reel can be removed at any time for mobile use in the garden. With folding free wheeling crank handle Hose 20mtr's and fittings included Brand: G..
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OEM: 8115-20 SKU: 8115-20
Gardena Classic 2 in 1 Spray GunSoft plastic components offer a comfortable grip. Adjustable between two spray patterns: hard jet and fine mist. Infinitely variable flow control. One handed operation. Frost protected..
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OEM: Gardena 8770-20 SKU: 8770-20
The GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper 500 BL is ultra-light, easy-to-use, powerful and ideal for cutting green wood. Thanks to the new, patented gear transmission, the lopper has 38 % more cutting power. The precision-ground blades are non-stick coated and their optimised cutting geometry allow..
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OEM: Gardena 1948 SKU: Sprinkler 1948 LY
Grass Water Circular Sprinkler The GARDENA Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario allows even watering of your garden. The Circular Sprinkler can irrigate an area of maximum 225 m² and has a range of maximum 8.5 m. It has 7-step sector settings in steps of 45° from 90° to 360°. You can individually set..
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OEM: Gardena SKU: 2915 / 18215-20
Standard Hose Connector The simple and easy to use hose connector for 13mm (½”) & 15mm (5/8"") hoses. Featuring soft grip components and convenient clamp nut design. **Generic picture..
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OEM: Gardena SKU: 6005-20
Threaded Tap Connector. For taps with 21mm (1/2”) and 26.5mm (3/4”) thread."..
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OEM: Hozelock 117023 SKU: 9403001EN
Hozelock Garden Hose Tricoflex Ultraflex, 15mm(5/8") X 25mGarden hose TRICOFLEX ULTRAFLEX HOZELOCK with 5 braided layers, flexible and kink- and torsion-resistant, yellow with grey 3D imprint..
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OEM: Hozelock 117024 SKU: 9403002EN
Hozelock Garden Hose Tricoflex Ultraflex, 15mm(5/8") X 50mGarden hose TRICOFLEX ULTRAFLEX HOZELOCK with 5 braided layers, flexible and kink- and torsion-resistant, yellow with grey 3D imprint..
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OEM: Logosol SKU: 9309329EN / 584146
Logosol Heavy Duty Saw HorseSaw horse SMART HOLDER. Easy to assemble and transport. Suitable up to Ø 230 mm.*Some assembly required..
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Set of 5 nozzles and 1 o-ring for MAROLEX spray lances and the majority of other brands. Suitable for models TITAN, PROFESSION & MX20. 2 nozzles for circular spray distribution with Ø 1mm (green) & 1,5mm (yellow). 3 nozzles with spraying angle of 110°   ..
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