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Terms & Conditions

  1. Limited warranty

    Euro Small Engine Spares warrants its parts to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Aftermarket / Pattern / Non-Genuine parts have warranty periods of 3/6/12 months, please contact us by email for specific detail per product. Likewise OEM parts have warranty / inspection as per OEM Supplier terms and conditions. We carry out a 2 stage PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) on all orders to ensure all parts are correct and defect free. Liability under this warranty is limited to replacement of parts or refund. This warranty shall not apply to any part which Euro Small Engine Parts, in its sole judgment, determines that the part has been subject to misuse/improper installation or other component wear causing newly fitted parts to break or fail as a result. Acceptance of a warranty application for inspection shall in no way be construed to represent acceptance of any claims,damages or consequential loss. In the case of OEM/Genuine parts the OEM Supplier will test and make final decision not Euro Small Engine Parts. No Exceptions. In some cases the fitting of an OEM/Genuine part by a non trade professional or approved dealer may void the manufacturers warranty. We may also request in some circumstances a Qualified Mechanical Report from you the customer so as to determine the machine to which the new part was fitted is 100% eliminating misdiagnosis. Euro Small Engine Spares shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage arising out of misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care, associated damage or misapplication of our products.

    Failure to forward requested information will result in no warranty inspection. When buying a replacement/oem part in certain cases for example when buying a carburetor and not buying the mounting gaskets on the same order can void any warranty claims.

  2. Euro Small Engine Parts website

    The information, names, images, pictures, logos, videos & useful tips regarding or relating to Euro Small Engine Spares are provided "as is" without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether express or implied. Whilst Euro Small Engine Spares endeavours to ensure the information contained in this site is accurate, it does not warrant that it is error free. Also please note we make every effort to make sure the picture is as accurate as possible but advise the only correct way to order is by part number, pictures are for illustration purposes only. We ordering from us on site you agree to the terms. Any helpful links on site are to be used at customer discretion, we accept no responsibility for errors on third party sites.

  3. Know what you are ordering

    We make every effort to present our products as accurately as possible. Due to the many revisions over the years of the same model, many Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Jonsered and other brands, we ask that you make sure you do the proper research to assure you are ordering the correct part. The following information is desirable, make, model, year and part number confirmation. This is a self-service site.  Just because we have a part listed for a particular model doesn't necessary mean it will fit all variations of that model. For instance some saws might have had 3 different coils available for a particular model all depending on what year it was manufactured. We try to list the exact picture of the part and any O.E.M number associated with the part.

    • Parts are Genuine if stated Genuine or Original.
    • Manufacturers / O.E.M numbers are for reference only in the case of spurious parts to identify suitability.
    • All Engines supplied from Manufacturer without oil, follow manufacturer instructions. No oil in engine from new
    • V.A.T charged is R.O.I (Republic of Ireland Jurisdiction)
    • Large metal parts like deck shells, blades, axles, clutches etc although brand new may have some rub marks, surface rust or transport scratches. We might on occasion use a spray can to clean up the marks for example on a deck shell, if this is not acceptable please don't order from us. It would be very common for the end installer to do the same post assembly.
    • Some items like spark plugs maybe supplied from a larger trade pack loose.
    • Once you hit the confirm your order button we can't: add parts, change detail, advise if the parts are suitable, so please take care and time to ensure you have all parts required on the web-order that you want.
    • If you follow up later and place a 2nd web-order we can not reopen the 1st order to combine. Orders are typically packaged within 5-10 minutes.
    • Pictures are for illustration and we do our best to make sure they are 100% but recommend to only order by OEM reference,.
    • All sales are done on the basis of the customer knowing and confirming their order by O.E.M reference displayed. Return costs are the customers responsibility.
    • Customer support to locate on site, source and match parts is available pre web-ordering.
  4. Belts and Brands

    Belts in general are listed by suppliers and manufacturers differently. No warranty on belts provided.

    We list belts in the following format:

    • B Section Order on basis of the SKU listing * Example DS5L330K is 33" Outer Circumference
    • A Section A73 is 73" Inner Circumference and 75" Outer ie DS4L750K
    • Belts abbreviations K stands for Kevlar / Aramid DS4L is A Section & DS5L is B Section
    • Some belts are listed by section, inner / outer only dimensions, others reference OEM numbers as per how the mower was as new, changes to the pulley assembly can occur in maintenance and are not predictable and old machines can have worm pulley's etc requiring smaller belts. In these cases we accept no responsibility and its the purchaser who must decide and confirm.
    • When ordering a quantity greater than one, having multiple suppliers, brands maybe different, example, tyres, the same size may be supplied from different manufacturers, threads may differ.
    • Belts are always delivered on the basis of the size listed on our site which you add to cart. We make every effort to match the oem reference but size listed is the basis of sale.
  5. Chainsaw Chain & Guide Bars

    When ordering you need to know the following:

    • Chain Pitch / Gauge / Drive Links
    • Make and model of saw then Pitch / Gauge / Drive Links
    • Onus is on the customer to know and select correct products
    • On occasion due to stock shortage we may supply an equal or better brand of chain at no extra cost to you the customer.
    • Even though a listing may mention your make/model this is not a guarantee its a match, other factors like, mount, pitch, gauge and number of links must be matched too, OEM for reference only.
    • Specially made up chain loops are non returnable
  6. Non-Stock Items

    If you see a product listed as Availability: Non Stock Item, allow 3 - 5 days min, this means its a non-stock item and we will specially order it in for you on the basis of your weborder. Please note your whole order will be put on hold until the non-stock item arrives to us. These are parts we never stock both have sold before. We will specially order them in on receipt of a weborder from you our customer and on the basis they are non returnable.

    We would recommend placing 2 separate orders if certain items are urgent. Note non-stock items are non-returnable. For more read our Return Policy bellow.

    1. We have deliveries coming in for example from OEM Suppliers like; Husqvarna, Stihl, Honda & Briggs every week and will endeavour to get your "non stock items" in as quick as possible. Please note we cant control other supplier stocks or leadtime estimates so in the event of any major delay we will advise by email.
    2. Availability listed is a general leadtime to us and delivery to you is in addition to this, country by country. Some parts may run longer and even be no longer available in some circumstances, we will advise within 72hrs.
    3. Specially ordered in items are non-returnable, the onus is on you the customer to know what you are ordering, if in doubt please email us first.
    4. The lead-times quoted are to our warehouse and then the addition of the delivery service to you is the total delivery estimate.
    5. On the rare occasion even when our Supplier shows the part is available to order after ordering and only on requesting an ETA we can be told this part is discontinued. This is outside of our control.

  7. Back-orders/Out of Stock Items

    We don't do back-order shipments. One order equals one shipment. We only ship what is showing in stock and will alter / amend with refund to match inventory at the time of order.

  8. Returns policy/ Warranty / Warranty Inspection
    1. All returns to be approved by us prior to return. All products returned must be complete and contain ALL original manufacturer packaging including packing materials / boxes, all manuals, blank warranty cards, accessories and any other documentation included with the original shipment. In addition, please have your order number from the permission email on the outside of the return to gain entry to our warehouse.
    2. Please use a carrier that is able to provide you with proof of delivery. For your protection, we strongly recommend you fully insure your return shipment in case of any loss or damage. Returns are to be paid by the customer.
    3. If you receive damaged merchandise, it is preferable to REFUSE DELIVERY from the carrier attempting delivery. If you accept the package, you must make sure it is noted on the carrier's delivery records in order to file a damage claim from Euro Small Engine Spares. Keep the product together with the original packaging and notify our customer service department immediately. You must notify Euro Small Engine Spares of damaged goods within 7 days of receipt, as per the courier terms and conditions via email. All reported product issues must go through a Warranty Inspection process to determine the cause. All warranty inquiries by email only. If we have sent you an incorrect product, we will exchange it or provide a refund (This rarely happens as our pre delivery inspection is done by two staff members).
    4. NON-DEFECTIVE returns can be returned if requested within 14 days of receipt of the package on condition that original shipping charges of all non-defective returns will be non-refundable. (You must contact us first and we will issue a returns number and returns address). 20% restocking charge may apply in certain cases or a lesser flat handling fee of €5 if more than 14 days have passed*at our discretion). EU Laws Apply in addition to our policy. Also if free delivery was originally given on the part or order and you decide within the terms to return parts(s), the order will recalculate the total that may now include a delivery charge and the difference refunded. Example, if you order a deck shell and it includes free delivery and then return said deck a flat fee of €10 will be applied and retained.
    5. If the package is refused by the customer without any reason, the customer shall be responsible for the return shipping charges, plus a 20% restocking charge
    6. Some items that are electrical are non returnable due to the sensitive nature of the products, examples are Ignition Coils, Circuit boards, Alternators, Starter motor's, Switches, Capacitors, Relay's, Brake clutches & Batteries/Solenoids & cables, some of these items are not possible to warranty due to the fact that its not possible to know what caused the part to become faulty, installation, knock on effect of another faulty part on the machine or misuse. Despite having stated this we will endeavour to be fair and reasonable and carry out an inspection of any part suspected to be have a manufacturing defect and provide a refund, repair or replacement. All Ignition coils, Carburetors and clutches are checked and tested before dispatch. Batteries are fully inspected and tested for charge prior to shipping.
    7. Non Stock or Specially ordered in items are non-returnable regardless of lead-time quoted. Lead-times may run plus/minus.
    8. Where products are requested by the customer for return a minimum handling charge of €5 will apply or the standard 20% restocking charge.
    9. If a return is approved by us on a special/Clearance/End of Line item, we will deduct 35% from the refund amount for administration & re-advertising.
    10. In the event the courier or us needs to contact you the customer using your mobile / email provided you can't be reached or you don't reply to emails / calls after 5 days the courier will return the delivery to us and we will refund the payment less the courier charge.
    11. If you order product(s) and avail of the free delivery option and decide to return some or all of the order, once it meets the terms and conditions we will apply the original applicable delivery charge as per our delivery options and charges on site.
    12. Some parts may have been taped with a sticky adhesive tapping in transport to us or to you, we realise this can be tricky to remove but its part of the packaging and can't be helped.
    13. All returns are at the cost of customer and to be arranged by customer, exception to this rule is if we clearly ship a product that was not ordered, example: you order 5321760-29 and we ship 5321760-30. Identified by the web-order and product label difference.
    14. We will request that all customers provide the following, Identification of the equipment via: Valid Model,type,code / Serial Number / PNC/MFG/Product number etc and or the completed form we will issue, no exceptions, failure on the customers behalf to provide this info will void all warranty, warranty inspection or refunds.
  9. International Customers

    If any Customs/Excise or import charges apply, these are the sole responsibility of the purchaser/receiver to pay:

    The prices of the items you order do not include custom taxes or import duties; the cost of these charges vary for each country. You will be responsible for these costs incurred for custom charges when you receive your order. If you do not accept your delivery, your order will be returned back to us. You will be liable for any additional returns and customs charges in relation to your return, the costs of these charges will be deducted from the refunds which are owed to you. Please check with us prior to placing a web-order if your address is an island of a mainland (UK, Ireland, France etc) so as we can confirm our courier can deliver. A local number must be supplied in the delivery address. Foreign numbers to the delivery address will not be acceptable to the courier.

    1. Its not possible to ship oils / liquids outside of Ireland

    2. If you provided an incorrect address or the Courier Company attempts delivery and no one is there to accept the delivery your order will be "returned to sender" and thereafter a refund for the product will be done but no refund is possible for the Delivery Charge.

    3. If an item is listed as "SOLD OUT" please check with us first before ordering as this item may have a long lead-time to our warehouse and then the delivery time to your International address. If you proceed to place a web-order for an out of stock item(SOLD OUT, NON STOCK ITEM etc) your whole order will go on hold till this item arrives to our warehouse. 

    4. If the courier tries to deliver and no one is home it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the local courier and make arrangements again to deliver locally.

    5. Certain large items if ordered in a quantity greater than one may not be possible to ship due to freight costs. We will refund your order straight away and email you.

  10. 10. Accounts and Passwords

           We strongly recommend changing your password every 3 months at a minimum to protect your account from hackers. This is your responsibility. 


    11. Contact Telephone Numbers

           We strongly recommend inserting on the weborder your mobile as the primary way of contact for couriers and your landline as secondary number. All deliveries in Ireland (R.O.I) must have an Irish mobile number.

    12. Ordering parts unavailable listed on our site / Refunds

           If you place an order on our site for a product listed as "OUT OF STOCK" OR "NOT AVAILABLE" and subsequently we have to do a refund as the product cant be ordered in for you an administration fee of €3.00 or 2% of the net of vat value will be retained. The reason is our card processing merchants also keep the fee from us (Stripe and Paypal)


          Only possible on orders over €1000 + vat with prior approval and account setup.

    14. Courier Service: 

    In the rare event of a Courier mis-directing / losing a delivery, please allow minimum of 14 days for the Courier trace and investigation team to run all checks.

    Please note that the days quoted is an estimate and mostly very accurate but on the rare occasion can run longer.

    Eircode's are mandatory on our site and if you enter an invalid code or random digits the service may take much longer to deliver with no fault on us or the Courier. Couriers use the same official records found on and the shipping labels and delivery will be as per eircode data supplied on web-order. We also recommend using a mobile number in order to receive the SMS delivery time and that the Courier may call you in the event assistance is needed. If you use the wizard DPD delivery management system to redirect your order to a collection point or reschedule to a date in the future please understand that this is a new service which will increase the number of overall days for delivery. **We use two Couriers and An Post, we will decide which Carrier is best suited to the deliver your web-order based on size and weight etc. Large items, example deck shells, mixer drums etc may take 2-3 days shipping R.O.I

    • 1. DPD/An Post/GLS Delivery, 1-2 Days from €5.99 + vat, weekday shipping *Stock orders dispatched today if ordered before *3pm (Mon-Friday)
    • 2. Free delivery option: Orders over €299.99 + vat, weekday shipping *Stock orders dispatched today if ordered before *3pm (Mon-Friday)
    • *excluding bank holidays, stocktaking and other festive closures as indicated by prior notice on our site or via our google business page.

    15. Support Site Links: 

    We have linked some support sites to assist and support our customers. We don't accept responsibility for any errors or omission on these third party sites.

    16. Void Fill Packaging:

    We will always fill the space in any box with void fill packaging(Cardboard, Empty Boxes, Wrap, Bubble etc) to ensure the safe and undamaged delivery of any order to our customers. Please note it is not possible to ship orders without and you are agreeing to the use of void fill on confirmation of your order.

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