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Chainsaw Tools / Adjusters / Files

OEM: Ozaki Brand SKU: ZKLP106EN / ESES3617-3
3 Flat Files for Chainsaw Rakers 3 x 6" flat file for use with a depth gauge to reduce the height of the chainsaw chain rakers...
In Stock: 11
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 9207030EN
Measuring instrument for bolts and nuts, inch and metric, also for measuring thread of bolts...
In Stock: 2
OEM: Ø: 4,5mm (11/64"), L: 20cm (8") SKU: 9301345EN
Chainsaw Chain PFERD Ø: 4,5mm (11/64"), L: 20cm (8")Diameter (inches):11/64Diameter (mm):4,5Length (cm):20Length (inch):8Round file for chain:.325"..
In Stock: 65
OEM: Ø: 4,8mm (3/16"), L: 20cm (8") SKU: 9301346EN
Chainsaw Chain PFERD Ø: 4,8mm (3/16"), L: 20cm (8")Diameter (inches):3/16Diameter (mm):4,8Length (cm):20Length (inch):8Round file for chain:.325" & 3/8"..
In Stock: 43
OEM: Ø: 4mm (5/32"), L: 20cm (8") SKU: 9301344EN
Chainsaw Chain PFERD  Ø: 4mm (5/32"), L: 20cm (8")Diameter (inches):5/32Diameter (mm):4Length (cm):20Length (inch):8Round file for chain:1/4", 3/8 043 & 3/8 050 Lo Pro..
In Stock: 46
OEM: Ø: 5,2mm (13/64"), L: 20cm (8") SKU: 9301347EN
Chainsaw Chain PFERD Ø: 5,2mm (13/64"), L: 20cm (8")Diameter (inches):13/64Diameter (mm):5,2Length (cm):20Length (inch):8Round file for chain:3/8" & .404"..
In Stock: 83
OEM: Ozaki 930-2504 SKU: 9302504EN / ESES3271
Grinding Disc Replacement stone for most electric bench grinders using this size. 145mm x 3.2mm x 22.2mm (5.7" x 1/8" x 7/8") Use for 1/4", 3/8" pitch low profile chain & .325" pitch chains...
In Stock: 5
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 9309704EN / ESES3623
Chainsaw Guidebar Dressing Tool..
In Stock: 7
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 9302556EN / ESES3692 / 13616AS / SE700-807AS
Replacement part suitable for all chainsaw guide bars...
In Stock: 21
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: ESES3061 / 6407535EN
Chinese Chainsaw 4500 5200 Tarus Silverline Timbertech Chain Adjuster. Suitable for most Chinese imported chainsaws including brands Tarus, Silverline, Timbertech, Garden Care and many others...
In Stock: 17
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 9302557EN
Universal sharpening template, metal. .025", .030", 0.63mm, 0.73mmHelps to adjust chain sharpening heigth and depth.Made in Italy..
In Stock: 5
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: ESES0502 / 27530LY /9302557EN
Depth Gauge for Chainsaw Rakers Used to adjust saw chain raker height. Used in combination with a flat file to adjust saw chain raker height...
In Stock: 25
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