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Fuel / Oil Containers, Funnels, Extractors

OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 8302069EN / 99-905AS / ESES0483
2-Stroke Mixing Bottle   For two stroke fuel. Ideal for all 2 stroke engines, will mix 1 litre of petrol at 25:1, 32:1, 40:1 or 50:1**Colour of bottle may vary..
In Stock: 10
OEM: 562408, 51709018 SKU: 8303096EN / 562408LY / ESES5003
Combi-Can, 5 Litres Fuel and 3 Litres Oil ..
In Stock: 17
Green Steel Fuel Tank / Jerry Can 20 Litre
Currently unavailable
OEM: UN 3A1/Y/100 SKU: 8307000EN
Steel jerrycan 20 liters. Exterior in army green powder coating. Anti-rust treatment on the inside, resistant to any fuel. Locking system with safety pin. UL and TUV certified...
Currently Unavailable
OEM: X Oil SKU: 8309333EN / ESESA70110
Lawnmower Oil Extractor Kit 4 Pieces..
In Stock: 6
OEM: Gardyparts SKU: 8308064EN
Oil extractor set - Contains pump, 2 rubber hoses for oil and fuel, 1 cup of 1,4 L for the extracted oil or fuel, a connection of 10 cm, a universal adaptor...
In Stock: 7
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 8303099EN / ESES5910
Plastic funnel Ø 145mm - With filter...
In Stock: 13
OEM: Ø 165mm SKU: 8303098EN
Ø 165mm Funnel. Suitable for oil, petrol, diesel..
In Stock: 7
OEM: ART. Nr. 11851301 SKU: 8301032EN
Plastic jerrycan RAPIDON 6L with adjustable flow.Made in Switzerland..
In Stock: 3
OEM: Replacement Part SKU: 8304005EN / RT1-010
Red Fuel Tank 5 LitreStandard UN:3H1/Y/150/08...
In Stock: 4
OEM: 5LT Red SKU: 8307001EN
Steel jerrycan 5 liters. Exterior in red powder coating. Anti-rust treatment on the inside, resistant to any fuel. Leak-proof cap with magnetic insert to attach the cap to the can to prevent loss. UL and TUV certified...
In Stock: 6
OEM: Jug SKU: 8303100EN
Oil measure for 2-stroke mixtures. ..
In Stock: 7
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